Friday, May 10, 2013

Recipe: crunch wrap supreme

By now you know that I "bare it all" on this blog, so I'm not ashamed to tell you one of my deepest darkest secrets: I love Taco Bell. I mean, not as much now because I think their quality has diminished (how is that even possible?!) but I still crave it now and again. In college, it was my hangover go-to. So when I saw this recipe on Pinterest, I couldn't resist.

You have a lot of room for interpretation, so pick whichever toppings / ingredients you like
-Ground turkey, cooked and seasoned with a package of taco seasoning and some diced onions if you like
-Large flour tortillas (the burrito size)
-Crunchy tostadas (the flat ones)
-Queso dip
-Sour cream
-Shredded cheese
-Refried beans

Other possible toppings:
-Black olives
-Diced bell peppers
-Cooked rice
-Black beans
-Chopped cooked chicken

1. Once the taco meat is cooked and all your toppings are diced up, it's really about assembling. 
2. Warm the flour tortillas (I use the microwave for about 15 seconds depending on how many). 
3. In the center of a flour tortilla, spread a heaping spoonful of queso, leaving a 1-2 inch border empty around the outside. Then refried beans, then meat, then tostada, then sour cream, then veggies, then any additional toppings you choose (lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, shredded cheese, etc).
4. Fold tortilla around the tostada in five pieces (forming a pentagon); you may have to use an extra piece of tortilla for the center. Nothing should be exposed!
5. Heat a large frying pan to medium, place tortilla pocket seam-side down in the pan and use a spatula to press firmly into pan. 
6. After 30-60 seconds (tortilla should just start to brown), flip the pocket using a large spatula and ninja quickness. 
7. Heat opposite side until just starting to brown.

Serve with sour cream, salsa, queso, hot sauce ... Whatever you like. These things are awesome because you can customize them for each person. 

Also they're just awesome. 

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