Friday, February 28, 2014

Half Baked

Little brother is officially half baked (assuming he doesn't go past his due date) and that's reason to celebrate! I'm actually feeling pretty decent this week, which is also something to celebrate. So how does a woman who's five months pregnant celebrate? With ice cream, of course!

How far along?: 20 weeks
How big is baby?: the size of a banana
Weight gain?: not sure
Stretch marks?: no
Maternity clothes?: I desperately need new pants. This isn't like with London where I could just make my pre-pregnancy jeans work when I needed them to (even at 9mo pregnant!). This kid is lower and the pants are too uncomfortable to wear for very long. 
Sleep?: not terrible. We've recently gotten into House of Cards, so I've been staying up until 11 (woah!) and sleeping until a little after 6am. 
Best moment last week?: We got a crib! Ordered online for an incredible price and we should be able to pick it up this week. Everything else we need is small so I feel really good about getting this out of the way!
Food cravings?: ice cream. And all the other normal stuff I've been craving. Cherry coke. More ice cream. 
Symptoms?: I had some spotting earlier this week, and with the diagnosis of placenta previa, that can be pretty scary. So I'm on "very light activity" and hoping it was just a fluke. 
Exercise?: I took London to open gym at a gymnastics place last week and that was pretty fun
Gender?: boy! Still no name
Movement?: yep! Feeling him daily, inside and out. 
Belly button?: still in
What I miss?: not having to constantly second guess if I'm "doing too much"
What I'm looking forward to?: co-hosting a sprinkle for my sweet friend Jenn & baby Reed tomorrow!
I made Little Brother his first homemade onesie (and one for Reed too!). Loving the boy clothes already!

Friday, February 21, 2014

19 weeks

How far along?: 19 weeks today
How big is baby?: as of Monday, 8 ounces. According to WTE, baby is about the size of a mango, weighing close to 10oz and 6.5 inches tall
Weight gain?: 3lbs. Finally in the black, womp womp. But that means vomiting has FINALLY subsided
Stretch marks?: no
Maternity clothes?: still back & forth. Squished into some normal jeans yesterday with a ponytail holder on the button hole
Sleep?: hit or miss. May break down and take a Tylenol PM soon bc last night I was tossing and turning all night (stressing about our name list!)
Best moment last week?: finding out we are having a healthy baby BOY!!
Food cravings?: everything? Starbucks especially
Symptoms?: the round ligament pain / cramping has gotten pretty bad recently. The ultrasound tech commented on how low baby is (big contrast from London) so I think that's contributing
Exercise?: the weather has recently been gorgeous, so London and I have been to the park almost every day to run around & play
Gender?: BOY!! I can hardly believe it. We are overjoyed!
Movement?: still infrequent and faint but I normally feel him at least once a day
Belly button?: the top part is starting to fold out already and I feel like it's very obvious when I wear tight shirts 
What I miss?: still missing sushi and sub sandwiches pretty often. I had a few sips of our favorite sparkling wine on valentines day and promptly passed out. Apparently Saturday is national margarita day :( not fair
Labor signs?: not really labor signs, but I learned this week that I have placenta previa. They fully expect it to correct itself, but in the mean time I'm under some restrictions until they do another ultrasound at 28w
What I'm looking forward to?: deciding a name for this little man. Much harder than with London!
18 weeks, but you get the idea

Thursday, February 13, 2014

18 weeks

I'm getting a jump start on this week's post by 3 hours because I skipped last week I think. And tomorrow is valentines day. And there is a mess of snow & ice on the ground so we can't leave the house which means I'm going to have a wild toddler on my hands tomorrow. 

Have I mentioned I really don't like snow? It's beautiful but after the first few minutes, I'm over it. But don't worry, because this is our second "major" snow storm in the past two weeks, yay!! [sarcasm brackets]

So whatever, back to happy stuff. Maybe I'll add a photo soon but for now, here's my 18w update for Baby E2. It's so crazy to think that we already knew London was a girl and had named her at this point in the pregnancy. Hopefully both of those things will happen on Monday!!

How far along?: 18w
How big is baby?: 
Weight gain?: up a pound from last week I think, so yay?
Stretch marks?: nope!
Maternity clothes?: I bought new maternity (skinny!) jeans last week because mine from London are too big. Size small - so what do the people who are ACTUALLY size small wear? It must be so hard to find maternity clothes if you're petite 
Sleep?: I've been fighting a cold for what feels like weeks, so sleep is elusive but I've been going to bed at a decent hour to try to make up for it. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I have to be up all night with a newborn in 6 months ... Cue the anxiety attack NOW!
Best moment last week?: Ben flew home early from his business trip because of the weather. I was really worried he was going to get stuck there!
Food cravings?: Ice cream. Spaghetti and meatballs. 
Symptoms?: vomiting is finally (!!!!) diminishing. I'm still desperately dehydrated judging by the way I chug glasses of watered down lemonade. 
Gender?: we find out Monday - omg!! Last chance to place your bets, is Baby E a HE or a SHE?
Movement?: yes! I was getting worried but now I'm feeling some faint movement, both internally and externally, especially in the evenings. 
Belly button?: shallow but in 
What I miss?: I'd like a beer
Labor signs?: nope
What I'm looking forward to?: spending the day with Ben on Monday and naming our baby!!