Friday, February 21, 2014

19 weeks

How far along?: 19 weeks today
How big is baby?: as of Monday, 8 ounces. According to WTE, baby is about the size of a mango, weighing close to 10oz and 6.5 inches tall
Weight gain?: 3lbs. Finally in the black, womp womp. But that means vomiting has FINALLY subsided
Stretch marks?: no
Maternity clothes?: still back & forth. Squished into some normal jeans yesterday with a ponytail holder on the button hole
Sleep?: hit or miss. May break down and take a Tylenol PM soon bc last night I was tossing and turning all night (stressing about our name list!)
Best moment last week?: finding out we are having a healthy baby BOY!!
Food cravings?: everything? Starbucks especially
Symptoms?: the round ligament pain / cramping has gotten pretty bad recently. The ultrasound tech commented on how low baby is (big contrast from London) so I think that's contributing
Exercise?: the weather has recently been gorgeous, so London and I have been to the park almost every day to run around & play
Gender?: BOY!! I can hardly believe it. We are overjoyed!
Movement?: still infrequent and faint but I normally feel him at least once a day
Belly button?: the top part is starting to fold out already and I feel like it's very obvious when I wear tight shirts 
What I miss?: still missing sushi and sub sandwiches pretty often. I had a few sips of our favorite sparkling wine on valentines day and promptly passed out. Apparently Saturday is national margarita day :( not fair
Labor signs?: not really labor signs, but I learned this week that I have placenta previa. They fully expect it to correct itself, but in the mean time I'm under some restrictions until they do another ultrasound at 28w
What I'm looking forward to?: deciding a name for this little man. Much harder than with London!
18 weeks, but you get the idea

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  1. I carried Lucas low the whole time, it made for quite the discomfort at times. Yoga ball and baths helped some, not sure if it will for you. I realize we all make our own decisions about what we do/don't consume during pregnancy (off the "no" lists) but my OB had said lunch meat was ok (in moderation), and since I had GD and had to focus on 2-1 (protein to carb) ratio, I had some subs (Jersey Mikes, Subway, Charlies, and at home). Sometimes you just need to give into a craving ;) You are gorgeous by the way. Will be praying about the placenta previa for you. I know God's got this