Monday, July 9, 2012

London Claire is two weeks old

I started this blog post last week, and then blogspot just crashed when I tried to post it. This is what we call losing.

This week was a little bit easier to swallow. London helped mommy celebrate by sleeping for three hours over lunch yesterday - which meant I got to enjoy my first margarita in 10 months!

Another major milestone of the two-week mark is that I am officially back under my pre-pregnancy weight! Of course I've not been trying to lose weight - just the opposite, in fact; I've been eating nonstop to keep up with breastfeeding. It's difficult and sometimes incredibly frustrating, but I feel fortunate that, for the most part, it's working for both of us. L is growing fast and I am thrilled!

Ben went back to work, which has been hard but has gone better than expected. It definitely helped to have the mid-week break.

Here are some of my favorite photos of L from her second week. Apologies for the ones that are repeats from Facebook and Instagram but really, can you ever get enough of this doll?
Thursday 6/28
Early mornings with this little pumpkin
My favorite time of day
Friday 6/29: Tarik's Birthday
Wearing her party dress from Emily & Ireland
She's only taken the pacifier a handful of times
Saturday 7/30: L meets her GrandPadge
She slept through ice cream and dinner at Noodles & Co
GrandPadge was a huge fan
Sunday 7/1: First time at church!
This adorable dress belonged to Aunt Sissy as a baby
L slept through most of service and brunch
Monday 7/2: Mommy's first day at home alone with L
Daddy went back to work, which was very sad for both of us
We discovered the vibrating Pack 'n Play (Praise God!)
Tuesday 7/3: First Mommy-Baby Trip
I drove for the first time since she was born
We conquered Target, TJ Maxx and Buy Buy Baby
Wednesday 7/4: Happy Fourth of July and Happy Two Weeks, L
We had lunch with friends (including Evan Hughes, who is a doll!)
Mommy couldn't make it through fireworks, too sleepy!

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  1. love seeing everything about L, she is just too cute! You are an amazing mommy Aubrey