Monday, November 26, 2012

london claire is five months old

Age: five months six days (gimme a break, it was a holiday)
one of my favs of the five month pics i took on wednesday
Height: assuming somewhere in the 25 inches realm
Weight: 16lbs 4oz as of last week
Hair Color: brown / red in the right light, and it appears it's starting to grow back in
Eye Color: blue
another one of the five month pics i took on wednesday
Favorite Outfit: bright blue top with zebra print pants. so on-trend. her owl print jumper from "sweetie" was another favorite. i'm a sucker for a baby in corduroy!
sassy thing, playing in her baby gym

looking like a little school girl on mommy's birthday
Sleep: if you'd asked me a week ago, i would've said "amazing!" ... but she didn't do great while we were on vacation. and by "not great" i mean, i didn't sleep more than a few hours total, two nights in a row. but, since we've been home, we appear to be getting back on track. and in case you're wondering, she was sleeping from around 8pm to around 6am most nights. looks like the ol' CIO works.
Eating: still sending 4x 6oz bottles to daycare each day and she often doesn't take all 4. we cluster feed in the evenings but no more dream feed so she normally goes 8-5 or 8-6 without eating. the past few days, though, it feels like she's been eating nonstop so it may be a growth spurt. we recently gave her cucumber slices to gnaw on and she loved them - i'm sure the cold felt great on her teeth (which the ped says will likely not break through until sometime around christmas)
Illness: baby had her first ear infection, a rite of passage for a daycare kid i'm sure. but after 10 days on amoxicillin, she is back to 100% according to the recheck appt last week. she's still suffering a runny nose and cough, that has woken her up on more than one occasion. 
Development: she is sitting pretty well for a few minutes at a time on her own! she loves to jump in the jumperoo now. she also appears to wave in response to us waving. maybe i'm imagining it.

practicing her sitting during her five month photos
Movement: rolling rolling rolling! back to belly, belly to back, and back again. she can scoot a little bit if we put her on her belly.
Favorite toy: she still sleeps every night with the small sheep that my mom got her. still liking the bouncy seat (though she's starting to weigh it down!) and loves to pull up on the hanging toys from the overhang on it. she really enjoys the exersaucer now that she's figured it out. she loves her little gym that has noisy toys that hang down enough for her to grab them. she loves all teething toys, but especially sophie the giraffe and a rasberry teether i found at buy buy baby.

keeping herself entertained while mom & dad eat dinner
Funniest habit: she figured out how to fake cough and realizes it gets our attention. 

Best moment of last week: the past week has been kind-of rough for london, which means they've been rough for me too. i love that, no matter how bad of a day she's having, ben can always make her laugh. listening to her giggle while he kissed and tickled her last night was so special.
she is such a daddy's girl
What I'm looking forward to: christmas, of course! and getting her back on track in terms of napping and sleeping.

can't forget to post an adorable halloween photo! she did so great wearing her costume, and was definitely the cutest elephant around!
it doesn't get any cuter than a baby elephant!

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