Wednesday, January 30, 2013

London Claire is Seven Months

I thought saying I had a six month old sounded SO OLD, but now that she's seven months, that sounds EVEN OLDER! Like she's not even a baby anymore! Where is the time going? I should probably start planning her first birthday party ... no but seriously.

(disclaimer: I started this post on the 22nd. sorry it's taken me eight days to finish - worst blogger ever)

Age: seven months two days
Height: I don't know - I need to use the tape measure Kelly bought her for Christmas!
Weight: 18lbs 4oz as of yesterday
Hair: no real change, but starting to show some curls around her face. it's finally grown in enough so she doesn't have bald patches or baby hairs everywhere, which means the pigtails are back
Eyes: no change here either - just as gorgeous as ever

Favorite outfit: I am loving her little pink sweatsuit from Gap. She's wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes now, so sad to pack away all her 3-6 month stuff and the 6 month clothes she barely wore! but the good news is, now that she's wearing some 9 month clothes, she FINALLY got to wear her osh kosh b'gosh overalls I bought her before she was born. they were on super clearance at Buy Buy Baby and they're the exact same ones I had as a baby - I've been counting down the days until these fit!
Sleep: we pushed up bedtime in an attempt to get her to sleep later. I wouldn't say we've seen consistent improvement yet, but there have been a few nights she's slept 7:30-6:15 and a few that she's woken up around 5, ate, and went back to sleep until 8:15. those mornings are my favorite! naps are still a struggle, but as soon as she gets in the car, she's out - she can't resist the "road massage" as ryan calls it
Eating: she loves food! especially "grown-up" food. bread, english muffins, crackers, nilla wafers, greek yogurt, scrambled eggs, all sorts of fruits and veggies. she really loves baked apples from school. what's so great about her "school food" is that they prepare everything in-house with no added salt and sugar so she can have a lot of food while she is at daycare. she normally takes 3x 7oz bottles, some juice (all natural prune juice mixed with water - we had a serious bout with constipation a few weeks ago!) and three "meals" of food while she's there. plus nursing for a long time when she first wakes up and 2x in the evening.
Illness: nothing in the past month, minus the serious constipation I mentioned earlier (which was fixed by feeding her nothing but prunes and prune juice for like three days straight) and I almost clipped her finger off with the baby nail clippers. now that's a daddy job. she got both parts of her flu shot and I'm really hoping we're able to get through the winter without any serious illness
Development: we decided that she is officially "talking" and wrote down her first words in her baby book. "Hi Dada" and she know also says "mama" and "nono", and mimics the intonation of "I love you". she gives kisses and hi-5s. still no teeth, fine by me!
Movement: she loves to walk while holding our fingers. still not crawling, though I think she did go forward once at daycare. Just starting to pull up! I am beginning to think she will walk before she crawls, she loves to stand and play with stand-up toys at school (need to get one for home, stat!) and she can go from sitting to crawling position, but not the other way around (which makes her crazy, she does ab crunches all the time on her changing table, trying to sit up)
Favorite toy: tough to say - she alternates what she's "in to". but she loves books, especially hard ones that she can chew and play with. she likes bath time a lot. we have started letting her watch little snippets of kids shows here and there (sesame street, little einsteins) and play with a fisher price app on my phone to keep her occupied, which I feel sort-of guilty about but it's not like we're using the TV to babysit her constantly.
Funniest habit: She has discovered her voice and she loves to screech as loud as she possibly can. Especially in our room, with the vaulted ceilings. And especially at 7am. So cute, though, seriously. Also, she loves to feed herself, but her dexterity is not quite where it needs to be, so she gets the food to her mouth and then starts chewing on nothing. It's really funny.
Best moment of last week: Aside from her saying mama, she pulled herself up for the first time on my shoulders, and then again in the car on the steering wheel. I see a lot of bruises in our future! Also, we got to attend the NC State / Carolina game, totally on a whim, and she was a champ. The Wolfpack are undefeated while London is in attendance!

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  1. I love keeping up to date on all things London! She's such a doll :)

    BTW Olive was the same way with loving to stand and walking with toys before crawling. I thought for sure she would walk before crawl. Alas, she did crawl first, but only crawled for about 2 months before she started walking. Fun times in store!!