Thursday, January 3, 2013

London Claire is Six Months Old

The updates are getting more and more delayed, but at least I'm still posting them, and still taking her monthly photos. That's gotta count for something.

Age: six months two weeks (eek!)
Height: twenty-seven inches (as of her 6mo checkup)
Weight: eighteen pounds one ounce (as of last week)
Hair: lighter brown, finally regrowing in (at all different lengths. hello mullet)
Eyes: beautiful blue and still has those killer lashes
From our family photo shoot in November
Favorite outfit: too many to count, what with all the holiday gear. but yesterday's was a hoot - these boots are too much.
apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur
Sleep: despite being a complete wreck with traveling for two weeks, and despite a few minutes extra of fussing when we put her down last night, she sleeps awesome at night. pretty much every night is 8-5:30. naps are another story, but i talked to her pediatrician and she said "keep offering them, but don't push it"
Eating: we've tried a number of foods recently, and her favorite appears to be greek yogurt. she also likes bananas in the mesh feeder, and crackers. she finally seems to be taking to 'baby food' but we do a mix of the purees and table food - mostly fruits & veggies with a few grains, no meat yet.
Illness: after two ear infections in a month's time, she seems to just be fighting a pretty persistent cold & teething. runny nose but not much else so we're grateful.
Development: I could go on for days here. She has started talking and singing, and says "dada" all the time (no mama yet). I swear yesterday she said "hi dada" and she does inflections in her sounds like she's saying "i love you". she sings to herself, especially if she's overtired or her teeth hurt. she's starting to get some attachment / separation anxiety - she will reach for me if someone else is holding her or if she's on the ground and wants to be held, and cries if i don't immediately pick her up when i get to daycare. she is definitely starting to develop relationships, so it was neat to see her with my mom over the holidays. she also has a "boyfriend" at school - they hold hands during music class. i'm not ready for this!!
Movement: rolling all over (especially when i put her on the changing table, it's like trying to catch a greased pig), scooting / crawling backwards, starting to learn how to pull up, and walks a little while holding my fingers.she sits really well but can't get herself from laying down to sitting yet.
standing up in her six month photos
Favorite toy: she loves the doorway jumper my mom got at a consignment sale. it came with us to my mom's house for christmas and ben even used it as a swing for her a few times.

Funniest habit: ben is still pretty much the only person that can make her laugh - there is no better feeling in this world than watching your husband act like a complete fool and hearing those precious baby belly laughs. watching her open presents was adorable, though it was mostly just eating the paper / tissue. oh, and she loves dogs. i thought it was just lucy but she liked my mom's dog too - it's pretty cute to see her watch them and grab for them.
Best moment of last week: seeing how happy and excited she was to see us after we were in vegas for four days. ben brought her into the bed while i was still sleeping and she was ALL smiles, it was awesome. this is not in the past week, but it was really fun to celebrate her first christmas and also get to see her first snow while we were in virginia!
checking out the snow with dad on christmas eve at gigi's house
What I'm looking forward to: it'd be nice if she ever cut this tooth she's been working on for weeks!

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