Friday, January 10, 2014

London Claire is 18 months old

Since she turned one, I've been posting a few favorite photos and highlights each month of London Claire's development and milestones on Facebook. As you all know, my blogging has been ... Ahem, subpar (read: non-existent) since I became a SAHM. Ironic, I know, since I should've had all this extra free time on my hands. But somewhere between the play dates, chores and errands, and the hobby-turned-small-business that is Toddler Trends, I've been busy. Let's be real though, those are all excuses, we're all busy. I stopped making time to blog. 

So, my New Years resolution (aside from growing a new tiny human) is to blog more. Even if it's once a month, I'm going to try. We'll see how it goes! Thank you to everyone who's supported me in all of my ventures, but especially encouraging me to blog more because it's so great to know people read this mess!

Back to the task at hand: London is 1.5. Unfortunately, I got a new phone over the holidays and don't have any of the photos I took in December, so the photos you see here are from after she had her half birthday. Cheating, I know. 

At 18 months, London is a great eater and growing well. Her pediatrician was thrilled with everything at her check-up, which is always great to hear as a mom. We are working on potty training very slowly, mostly because she's showing interest and I don't want to miss my window and end up with a kindergartener in diapers. Aside from illness or travel, she sleeps well (typically 7:30-7). We have slowly weaned down to only one nursing session (before bed) and it's gone well for both of us, all in all. 

If you ask her any time of day what she wants to eat, the answer is hot dog, though fruit seems to still be her favorite thing to eat. She rarely drinks milk but is a great water drinker. She loves the play kitchen she got as a Christmas gift from Aunt Sissy and is always "makin" something. 

She's starting to put together 2 and 3 word phrases "daddy home!" "Sit down, right there" etc and her vocabulary is well over 100 words. We're also learning colors and shapes, and singing the ABCs (which go a little something like "A B C B C, E-I-E-I-O" right now). She loves to read and watch Elmo's World and Curious George. 

Although I know she doesn't really understand that I'm having a baby, she loves to snuggle with my belly and give the baby kisses and zerberts. I hope we're able to give her a sense of involvement with the baby that will help curb some of the jealousy, but I'm open to suggestions!

And without further ado, some adorableness for your Thursday:

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  1. That booty picture just cracks me up! Way to go with nursing while being pregnant! We're hoping to TTC #2 starting in July (Around our L's 1st bday), but we will see if nursing allows that to happen not. Congrats again and yay for a new blog post :)