Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Recipe: French Dip

I'm learning how to cook beef. 

I know, weird right? It wasn't a New Years resolution or anything. I honestly sort-of fell into it. Some women from our playgroup were going in on a grass-fed cow from a local farm and I figured, why not! So here we are, with nearly $400 worth of red meat in our deep freezer and I've never really ventured beyond ground beef. Luckily, the same women who went in on the cow have shared some delicious recipes, which I will now share with you. 

Disclaimer: I made beef stew last night. Coconut curry beef stew, to be exact. Sounds amazing, right? Wrong. I screwed it up, and tried to cook it too fast. So disappointing; I really needed a win tonight ... And I got it!

2-3lbs beef roast (I used a shoulder, no idea how many lbs but it was huge!)
2tbsp olive oil 
Salt & Pepper
2 1oz envelopes of onion soup mix
2c water
20oz beef broth
6-8 hoagie rolls
Provolone cheese

Make sure roast is fully thawed; season with salt & pepper 
Heat olive oil on medium high heat in a large skillet
Once pan is very hot, sear roast on all sides until it starts to brown (a minute or two on each side should be plenty)
Place roast in crockpot on low
Top with dry onion dip mix, water & broth
Cook covered on low for 8hrs (Meat will fall apart with a fork when done!)
Serve into rolls and top with cheese
Broil on high until cheese is melted and bubbling
Serve with a ramekin of the au jus from the crockpot (optional)

You can find the original recipe here:

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