Monday, March 17, 2014

22 weeks

I was waiting until my drs appt today to see if there were any fun updates. Nope! And I chickened out on asking about my weight gain, so no news there either. 

How far along?: 22w 3d
How big is baby?: the size of a spaghetti squash! Baby is about 8 in long and weights about a pound. 
Weight gain?: ???
Stretch marks?: no
Maternity clothes?: I am actually wearing post-partum jeans today and they're too big. If the pants are still too big at 22w pregnant, that's probably a sign to get rid of them, right?
Sleep?: still waking early, especially with poor London coughing in the early hours of the morning, but sleeping ok
Best moment last week?: we took London to the St. Patricks day parade on Saturday and she LOVED it!
Food cravings?: yesterday it was a burger (mmm MoJoe's!) and I've been enjoying a pepperidge farms coconut cake!
Symptoms?: still getting these sharp, sudden pains which the ob said are uterus growing pains and totally normal, so at least that's good news. She said the pains get worse with subsequent pregnancies; let's hope I don't have to worry about that
Exercise?: signed up for prenatal yoga starting next month!! Although I'm bummed the teacher I love isn't there anymore. 
Movement?: very active but not painful yet. Most active when I'm sitting on the couch to rest, especially at night. 
Belly button?: still in
What I miss?: I'm worried about the placenta issue enough that I feel like I can't walk long distances, which is hard now that the weather is nice. Praying & believing we'll get good news in 6w and I can take London to the zoo!
What I'm looking forward to?: continuing to work on clearing out the nursery so we can eventually paint. We finally decided on colors! Red, navy & aqua with gray undertones and dark furniture. Now if only we could pick a name...


  1. I'm intrigued by these post partum jeans you mentioned. Are these just jeans you wore post partum with L or is it something that is actually on the market? (I don't need them, just haven't heard of them before). Also love the colors for Baby Brother's room. And its ok if you don't have a name picked out until he's here, plenty of people wait to see the baby first :) (Ok maybe not in this day and age, but it could be fun/help you fit the name to him :) )

  2. Just jeans I wore after London was born ! I lost all the baby weight right away but didn't feel very comfortable in my new body, so these were an attempt to help. They didn't really fit when I bought them but I was in denial about my size.