Sunday, March 9, 2014

21 Weeks

20 weeks always feels like a great milestone, but 21 weeks might be even better. Why? Because, assuming all is well with me and Little Brother, my ob won't force induction until 42 weeks, so I'm officially at least halfway through the pregnancy, even in "worst case scenario". Because I am trying my darnedest to avoid pitocin this time!! So anyway, I'm 21 weeks, my belly is huge, and the man child still has no name. But all in all, life is good because hey! it's 60 degrees out and I have beef & broccoli marinating for dinner tonight and a new maxi skirt calling my name. Simple pleasures, y'all. 

How far along?: 21 weeks 2 days
How big is baby?: approx 7in long and 11oz
Weight gain?: my scale is broken. Oh darn!
Stretch marks?: no
Maternity clothes?: yes, but still not all the time. Rocking some shirt dresses recently with an empire belt. 
Sleep?: not bad. Still waking up earlier than I'd like to but I'd better get used to that. Hoping this daylight savings thing takes care of London's recent early rising. 
Best moment last week?: it was a pretty good week overall! I hit up a consignment sale and got some basics for the boy. Ben's been sick (boo) but it means he's been home more, which London & I love. I would say my best moment for the last week was getting a HUGE box of clothes for London passed down from a friend. What an incredible blessing! Oh, and singing "great is thy faithfulness" at church this morning. 
Food cravings?: ice cream; every night. Red meat. Shrimp tacos. 
Symptoms?: my boobs are so sore and itchy, it's awful. My nipples are bigger than should be physically possible and OH! do they hurt. The heartburn is really kicking up, and the tums have to be swapped out for Pepcid soon. But compared to where I was a few weeks ago, I'm grateful! 
Gender?: little brother
Movement?: daily but still faint and still very low. Ben gets to feel him from time to time. 
Belly button?: no change here
What I miss?: I'm being super indulgent with food this time around so I don't miss much besides sex (sorry if that offends but 10 weeks is too long!!). I had a delightful non-alcoholic beer last weekend to curb the beer craving and even had half a glass of wine last night with dinner. I'm pretty sure I was tipsy after 2 sips (kidding of course ). 
What I'm looking forward to?: warm weather hopefully sticking around!!

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