Friday, March 16, 2012

26 weeks, I think?

These past few weeks have been so crazy, I really had to think (and then check my app) about how many weeks we are now. The time is flying by, and the amount of work we have left to do before she gets here is not dwindling at all. You hear that, Ben? WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! I know, I know, we have three months left but my anxiety keeps me up at night some times. Everything from matching fabric swatches to repainting the nursery to Godparents to daycare options. My husband 100% thinks I'm crazy and he's most likely at least 90% right. I really thought I would be more organized about pregnancy and the baby coming and everything, but alas, as with everything else in pregnancy, I have to give up control!
So phallic ...

  1. How far along?: 26 weeks 3 days
  2. How big is baby?: According to What to Expect, she is 15 inches long (they're now measuring head to feet!), weighs 2.2lbs, and is the size of a cucumber. Our friend Rob has been looking forward to the vegetable change and I have to imagine he'll be as disappointed with this week's choice as I am. A cucumber? That is in no way bigger than an eggplant. I went to the grocery store and held one, they are not 15 inches long, nor are they 2 lbs in weight.
  3. Weight gain?: Holy Lord. I am embarrassed at how much I've gained and how fast. My doctor said I'm fine based on how far along in the pregnancy I am, but I am gaining in fast and furious and I am so nervous about it. Seriously, I cried a little bit. And no, I'm not telling y'all how much it is.
  4. Stretch marks?: None, as far as I can see!
  5. Maternity clothes?: I need shorts! The ones I'm wearing today are hanging on by a thread (or in this case, a rubber band) and it was 88 degrees yesterday SO I'm gonna have to do something. Leggings & Jeans are not gonna cut it for this fatty.
  6. Sleep?: Awful. Mostly due to the coughing / sickness I've been fighting for over a week. I'm waking up several times a night and have even slept on the couch a few times this week.
  7. Best moment last week?: Finding out I do NOT have gestational diabetes. What a relief!
  8. Food cravings?: Since I've been sick, nothing really tastes good. That being said, I made Ben get me Chili's takeout earlier this week and I ate the chicken enchilada soup today for lunch. Oh my goodness, I could eat 6 bowls of that. Also, Reese's Peanut Butter Ice Cream treats. DELISH!
  9. Symptoms?: All the symptoms are being masked by this stupid cold. 
  10. Exercise?: Yoga-ing. Our session ends at the end of the month so I'm going to sign up for a partial session through June
  11. Gender?: Sweet little girly girl
  12. Movement?: Baby girl loves some spicy food! I don't care if they say the baby doesn't get your food until 2 hours later, as soon as I start eating spicy foods she starts going nuts. Also, she is a total daddy's girl already. She can be perfectly still and Ben will put his hand on my stomach and BAM! Hey Dad!
  13. Belly button?: Still in! I am really hoping it stays that way, honestly. I can deal with shallow, but not an outtie. 
  14. What I miss?: Cocktails. I made virgin pina coladas the other night. Not the same.
  15. Labor signs?: I thought I might be having a contraction last week, because I had a horrible debilitating pain that stopped me in my tracks, but that was it - just once. And the doctor said, as with everything I ask him about, "It's normal"
  16. What I'm looking forward to?: I feel like I say this every week, but doing more work on the nursery. We still have so much to do, and each week we put it off for something else.
You can probably see I'm sick by how swollen my eyes are.
Let's blame the sickness for how swollen my belly is, too, shall we?
For your viewing pleasure (mostly for my curiosity), I did a side by side comparison. *sigh* I think I'm getting fat-face. Here's hoping it's just the cold!

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  1. I don't think you're getting fat face! You're just starting to rock a Buddha belly like mine!
    I put on 5lbs in 2 weeks of bed rest!!! That totally bummed me out. Now that I'm up and moving hopefully the wight gain will slow down again.
    My midwife said 10kgs (about 20 lbs I think) would be the most I should gain given my size. I lost 2kgs then gained 7kgs to now be sitting 5kgs over my prepregnancy weight. Only 10 kgs?! Cue panic!!