Friday, April 4, 2014

25 weeks

How far along?: 25 weeks
How big is baby?: the size of an eggplant: 1.7lbs and 9in long
Weight gain?: I don't really feel like we need to discuss that. Ha, let's just say it's coming on fast!
Stretch marks?: none, thankfully
Maternity clothes?: went an bought a few things at Walmart of all places (not maternity) to help stretch my current wardrobe a little longer. The biggest problem is finding shirts long enough!
Sleep?: wake up around 6:45 or 7 bc of the sun coming in. Maybe someday my husband will put up our curtains!
Best moment last week?: sweet friends of ours surprised us with a membership to the local kids museum. Such a generous and thoughtful gift, and one we will certainly put to good use!
Food cravings?: egg salad (finally made some!) and chicken salad
Symptoms?: a little bit of spotting (normal, according to the ob) and I've recently been having these horrible sharp shooting pains down low! Hoping they don't stick around for too long. And the heartburn. Good Lord, the heartburn. I'm taking Pepcid in the morning and sometimes again at night, plus tums. Good news, ice cream helps! I do think my skin is a lot better this time than it was London - maybe the old wives tale is true and girls do steal your beauty!
Exercise?: starting my yoga class Monday! London and I have been to the park a few times and went swimming earlier this week, which she loved.
Movement?: he moves the most when I'm relaxing, so mornings and nights are fun. Nothing too painful or waking me up yet. I do think I felt hiccups for the first time. 
Belly button?: getting shallower by the day! Won't be long before I have an alien belly. 
What I miss?: sleeping on my right side 
What I'm looking forward to?: my best friend / London's godmother is coming to visit this wknd! Looking forward to some girl time with her. 
This is actually 24w but close enough. 


  1. Sounds like "lightening crotch" hopefully it doesn't stick around the rest of the pregnancy for you. As far as heartburn, and I'm sure you know about this, but if you aren't opposed to it, talk to your OB about Zantac. My OB put me on it at 14 weeks with L and it was a lifesaver! I took it once a day. Yay for children's museum membership. By the way, you look gorgeous, don't worry about weight gain, you're growing a baby :)

    1. Thank you!! My ob recos Pepcid instead of Zantac for some reason but I'm going to ask for something stronger at the next appt , so maybe that's Zantac! I don't *think* the pain is lightening crotch (had that a few times!) as it feels like it's more internal than that. They said it's possibly due to the previa but my yoga teacher said it could be the pubic bone separating since he's so low :(

  2. Thank would make since (about public bone separating or from the previa-continuing prayers for that btw). L was always low for me, it was often uncomfortable. I utilized baths and yoga ball (and some spinning babies exercises)