Monday, June 11, 2012

38 weeks ... just a little late

It's June, y'all. Do you know what that means? BABY MONTH. On June 1, the first thing Ben said to me was "Do you know what today is?" (to which I replied "June 1st", to which he replied "We're going to have a baby this month!"). My husband is so cute. And while I thought I would be super excited about entering baby month, it has been an emotional roller coaster (as you've seen). Here we are, almost half-way through the month now - sorry I'm a slacker - and it's looking like we'll probably make it through a few more weeks before she arrives. As hard as it was to accept that, I'm honestly good with it now. She's going to come when she's ready, and there's nothing I can do to control it. Honestly, if you'd asked me a week ago if I wanted to be induced, I would've jumped up and raised both hands, "Yes! Please God, Yes, End this misery!" But really, I so badly want the excitement of going into labor, of looking at Ben and knowing we're just hours away from meeting our daughter, of calling my mom and saying "it's time". And the Lord knows the desires of my heart, and He knows what's best for us, and I genuinely believe that's what He's preparing for us. At least that's what I'm believing this week :)

So what is it like to be 38 (almost 39, now) weeks pregnant?
  1. How far along? 38 weeks 6 days (sorry sorry sorry!)
  2. How big is baby? According to What to Expect, she's still the size of a watermelon, she's still anywhere from 19-22 inches long, and she's now likely at least 7lbs. She's still measuring about a week behind, but my doctor said it's not uncommon for someone my height to "hide" a big baby, and given how big Ben & I were, I think she'll be a healthy size whenever she comes
    ok, this is just cute
  3. Weight gain? 21 lbs. The doctor is not thrilled with how quickly I'm gaining now but, again, not much I can do to change it. Except walk it out.
  4. Stretch marks? None. Holding strong! I am peeling a little bit on my belly, I think the skin is so stretched that it's giving up. Me too, belly skin, me too.
  5. Maternity Clothes? Today, wearing an Old Navy maternity tank that Kelly bought me for my baby shower with an Old Navy skirt that I've had forever. Yoga waist bands are key. I'm still managing to find pieces of my regular wardrobe that I can adapt for maternity.
  6. Sleep? Praise the Lord, my doctor said I could take Tylenol PM... Right about the time that I started crying in her office. So last night I took two and slept like a rock. I am getting more and more congested, which makes sleeping difficult for Ben. But I slept from about 11:30 last night until around 6am and it was all sorts of glorious.
  7. Best moment of last week? The doctor's appointment this week was much more positive. She answered all of my questions, gave us a quick u/s to confirm baby is head down, and was super understanding and encouraging. AND I got a prenatal massage on Saturday which was wonderful - thanks to my dear friend Tressa who sent me a spa gift card.
  8. Food cravings? No real cravings of late, just eating everything. And can't get enough to drink! Flavored sparkling water is my lifeline.
  9. Symptoms? My hips are starting to spread, which means more pain / pressure through the pelvic region. In addition to all the normal fun stuff (ribs burning, reflux, etc)
  10. Exercise? No yoga this last week :( It was the week between sessions. I'm hoping it picks back up this week so I can get in a few sessions before she comes. I have been doing some squats, wall-sits and yoga poses on my own, in addition to walking in the evenings with Ben & Lucy. I overdid the wall-sits last night so I'm walking with a bit of a waddle today.
  11. Movement? Her movement is more slow and fluid, but every so often I get a quick jab to the ribs or bladder and it completely catches me off guard. She is definitely running out of room - guess what, little girl, there's a solution to that ... COME OUT! You'll have all the room you need! (until I swaddle her in a baby straight jacket)
  12. Belly button? No change, still gross. Still rocking a bikini at the pool though - I even got a "WOAH" from a guy this wknd. It was all I could do not to punch him. I try to cover up the belly button with my belly band if it shows through shirts too badly.
  13. What I miss? Sushi and a cold beer, this week.
  14. Labor signs? Other than my pelvis opening up a little, no labor signs. *sigh*
  15. What I'm looking forward to? I think I've decided that we'll induce on 6/29 if she doesn't come on her own before that, so I'm looking forward to the end of the month and knowing that we'll get to see her sweet little face in about two weeks.
wooooooah belly

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  1. So, so, excited to read your updates and cannot wait to meet the little darling (via blog :) as soon as she gets here! And although I know you don't think so, you really do look amazing!! Glowing!

    mk & Gwynnie