Thursday, June 14, 2012

39 weeks, no big deal

Yep. 39 weeks. 39 weeks and 2 days, to be exact. Not that I'm counting. Oh no, I have pretty much given up on my due date. They really shouldn't give you a "due date" - they should give you a "due week" or a "due range". Maybe even a "due month", but not a date. I'm seriously considering deleting the fun "D-DAY!!!!" announcement from my calendar for next Tuesday. A friend at work recommended I take the day off and do something fun, so I still have a reason to look forward to it, but instead I'm just going to look forward to the end of the month, and if she comes any time before then, it'll be an awesome surprise. DO YOU HEAR THAT LONDON? YOU HAVE TWO AND A HALF WEEKS!

Here's a little snapshot of how things have changed in the three days since I last posted:

  1. How far along? 39 weeks 2 days. 276 days, in case you were wondering.
  2. How big is baby? 19-22 inches long, 6-9 lbs. How's that for a range? But she's still my little watermelon. According to our baby bookie pool, she could be anywhere from 16.75-22.75 inches long and anywhere from 6lbs 2oz-9lbs 1oz. Hilarious.
  3. Weight gain? Haven't weighed myself since the appointment, so we'll say it's still 21lbs. But my legs are swelling so it might be even more :(
  4. Stretch marks? None, dear Lord please let it stay that way.
  5. Maternity clothes? You know you're 9 months pregnant when even your maternity shirts are too short. Today I'm wearing a maternity shirt my MIL gave me for Christmas and it's just barely working. Also rocking my gray maternity dress pants from old navy. And a regular camisole that is really not working at all.
  6. Sleep? I've been alternating nights with the Tylenol PM so I don't feel like a total zombie. I have to take two, and that allows me to sleep from about 12-6 uninterrupted (mostly). Pretty awesome, but I wake up exhausted an hour later.
  7. Best moment of last week? Nothing too exciting over the past few days. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so maybe that will be a highlight.
  8. Food cravings? No changes here. Anything and everything. No wonder she doesn't want to leave, I keep feeding her ice cream and cheeseburgers!
  9. Symptoms? I feel like I rode a horse for six days straight, my pubic bone is so sore. It feels like it's bruised. Makes for a really cute waddle - yes, I think I'm getting the pregnant girl waddle (between the pubic bruising and the hips spreading). Friends say no, but I think they're just being nice. I feel waddley, especially when I first stand up. Also, she lodged her butt up against the middle of my stomach yesterday and didn't move it ALL DAY so my skin was burning. 
  10. Exercise? No yoga AGAIN this week, so I've been continuing doing some stretching, squats and walking on my own. Hopefully I will be able to join in next week's class!
  11. Movement? Her movement is continuing to slow, especially during the day. Her favorite time is when I get home from work and sit on the couch - party in the belly! 
  12. Belly button? Just a sad state of affairs these days.
  13. What I miss? Everything. But I will say, I am so glad I haven't had to stop wearing my wedding rings. I would miss them like crazy! Even though I'm starting to see some swelling in my legs now and there's definitely internal swelling in my wrists and feet, the rings still fit every morning.
  14. Labor symptoms? Ben thinks she's starting to drop but I think it's just that my stomach has no more room to grow up, so it's growing straight out. Other than the additional pelvic pressure / pain, not much to report here.
  15. What I'm looking forward to? Another quiet weekend, maybe some pool time, and hopefully a positive doctor's appointment tomorrow. And every time I see Ben playing on the floor with Lucy, or singing to me in the mornings, I get SO excited to see him with his little girl. They're going to have such a special bond.
you can't exactly tell here,
but I was having a really good hair day this morning


  1. Good hair days count for an awful lot. Amen and amen. You look amazing! Love that your sense of humor is still intact. Oh! And I saw a pregnant lady in a bikini at the pool yesterday and it totally made me think of you :)

  2. So excited for you! What great advice to still take the day off and do something fun. Also, I have to agree with Ben, just judging from your last few photos it does look like Miss L has dropped some. Fingers crossed.

  3. Wait until after you have her, it'll feel like you ride a bike down stairs for 12 hours straight. But you won't care, cause you have a BABY ! Good luck, you are super adorable :)

    Ps. Take the ice packs.