Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pregnancy Confessions: Volume Six

Another one from the vault. This one slightly less whiny / bitchy.

I don't remember ever seeing my parents kiss. They were together for the first 9 years of my life, and at least 4-5 of those years I have pretty vivid memories of, and I don't remember any affection between them. I remember the first time I heard one of them say a cuss word, and the first time I realized one of them was drunk, and even the first time one of them lied to me. But I don't remember a kiss or a hug or even holding hands. Granted, they later separated and eventually divorced, but that is a noticeable absence in my memories.

I pray that my daughter never has that absence.

I pray that she always knows her parents love her more than anything, except for how much they love the Lord and love each other. I pray that she sees the wonderful man her father is and never settles for anything less than that in a significant other. I pray that she sees her mama as a strong woman who has her own identity that is still magically and romantically intertwined with her one true love. I pray she's the daddy's girl I never was.

But I think one of my strongest desires is for her to always ALWAYS know that her parents are deeply in love, more that day than the day before, and more that year than we were the year we met. And I need to use this desire as motivation to speak a little more kindly, and say "I love you" a little bit more, and kiss a few more times, and just do a better job of taking care of him. Because pretty soon, she's going to see how we treat each other everyday, and I want that to be a good example for the many relationships she's going to have.

Ugh. Some day, someone's going to want to date my daughter.


  1. I pray every day that my girls feel the love between Gary and I. It's a lot of work, but will be oh so worth it in the years to come.

  2. This is really sweet. I agree, and feel the same for my daughter. I saw my parents fight all the time and DO NOT want that for my daughter, even if I'm pretty pissed at the husband. SHe needs to see, understand and feel love. {and yeah, one day someone's going to want to date these cuties. scary!}