Thursday, April 19, 2012

31 weeks

  1. How far along?: 31 weeks 2 days - and exactly 2 months from our due date. What the WHAT?
  2. How big is baby?: According to What to Expect, she is still the size of a head of lettuce - boring! She is about 19 inches long now and should weigh 3lbs 9oz. Very quickly approaching the 4 lb mark, how awesome is that?
  3. Weight gain?: I haven't stepped on the scale at home since my last dr appt, so we'll say I'm still at 13 lbs. Updates next week (we have an appt on Tuesday)
  4. Stretch marks?: Still none! Please oh please let me be out of the danger zone.
  5. Maternity clothes?: Currently wearing a new-to-me Boden dress from Sloan. It's amazing I still have so many things she passed along that I haven't even worn yet. 
  6. Sleep?: Meh, getting better I guess. I almost always wake up before my alarm - often times very early in the morning for no reason at all. But it could be worse!
  7. Best moment last week?: THE DRESSER CAME IN! Ben is going to pick it up this weekend, I'm SO beyond excited. And my wonderful baby shower in Virginia hosted by my mom & her best friend. It was so sweet and L got tons more cute clothes. I got a huge box of "necessities" in the mail from one of my old sales reps - what a blessing! This isn't really a "best moment" but we did start baby classes this week, which is weird. Weird and scary.
  8. Food cravings?: Nothing really specific! I'm actually not wanted to make decisions about food these days - weird, right?
  9. Symptoms?: My nipples are huge. Seriously huge. The biggest things I've ever seen. Sorry. Also, so much rib pain / discomfort. Dear London, please please PLEASE stop pressing your feet into my ribs. Please?
  10. Exercise?: Started back in yoga last night, and man! I missed it. I neeeeeeed the yoga back in my life. Hoping this class will lead me right up to when she decides to make her appearance (it ends the first week of June I think. Yes, I am open to having her come a little bit early - any time in June is fine with me!)
  11. Movement?: Still getting the hiccups a ton. And the rib pressure. But I feel like her head is still low and that it's feet / butt in my ribs, not her arms or head. Not sure when they start checking her position ...
  12. Belly button?: Still in!
  13. What I miss?: Just relaxing on the couch was uncomfortable last night. And shaving my legs this morning was a real struggle. I miss having a normal person's body that doesn't have an alien inside of it. But I do love that little alien.
  14. Labor signs?: None yet.
  15. What I'm looking forward to?: Bringing the dresser home this weekend and filling it with all of her goodness!!

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