Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Betting and a Bonus (Pregnancy Confessions: Volume Eight)

If you know my husband, you will not be surprised to learn that he's set up a gambling opportunity surrounding our daughter's birth.

You can guess her birth date and time, weight (lbs and oz) and length.

Half the winnings go to you, half go to her college fund. So basically, if you don't make a guess, you're saying you don't want my kid to go to college - that's pretty messed up.


If you don't want to put in the $5, feel free to make your guesses here - just for fun. You won't win anything, except for my admiration (especially if you predict that she's going to come before her due date - mama's not trying to be pregnant all summer, ya' heard?).

OK, that's all.

No wait, I lied. I promised a Pregnancy Confession. So here it is:
30 weeks, before my shower in Virginia
My gift to you, for being a loyal reader: a little pregnancy secret I got from Trinity.


They help combat fat face in pregnancy photos. Especially during showers, when people take 10 million photos of you saying "aww!" at tiny baby socks or laughing at a card about how you're never sleeping again.

Shh, don't tell!

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