Thursday, April 26, 2012

32 Weeks!

  1. How far along?: 32 weeks 2 days - Dr. Campbell informed us on Tuesday that I'm 80% done!
  2. How big is baby?: According to What to Expect, she is the size of a honeydew - how cute! She is about 19 inches long and weighs about 4.5 lbs. Putting on that weight fast, cuz she knows her mama wants chubby cheeks to kiss on.
    I think she is a bigger honeydew than that...
    Judging by the fact that I feel feet in my ribs,
    While feeling arms flailing down in my hoohah.
  3. Weight gain?: 15 lbs - looks like I've gotten into the pound-a-week routine.
  4. Stretch marks?: Still none!
  5. Maternity clothes?: Still mixing them in with my regular clothes. Today, for example, I have nothing on that's "maternity" ... but it was SO HARD to buckle my sandals. Expect to see a lot of flip flops, y'all.
  6. Sleep?: I actually overslept for the first time in I-don't-know-long this morning. I woke up around 7 like I normally do but I guess I managed to fall back asleep and either shut off the alarm or didn't turn it on, because Ben woke me up at 8:08 asking what time I was planning to get up for work. Oops! Guess my body was more exhausted than I thought, from all the interrupted sleep over the past few weeks.
  7. Best moment last week?: I love our biweekly check-ups, just to know that she's doing ok (and so am I). Best moment, though, was probably getting her dresser in, making up the crib, doing a bunch of stuff in the room so it actually looks like a nursery now!
    The sweetest crib ever (I'm partial, of course)
  8. Food cravings?: Still fried fish (hoping to indulge that today when we have lunch with Whitney!). I woke up a few mornings ago thinking about a fountain cherry coke but haven't indulged that one yet.
  9. Symptoms?: The rib pain / pressure has continued, and now extends to my mid / upper back. Sometimes it feels like I can't breathe! 
  10. Exercise?: Yoga-ing once a week. There's two girls in the class who were in the last session with me, both due June 2, so I'm no longer the furthest along.
  11. Movement?: She had the hiccups four times yesterday. FOUR! WTF, kid? Her movement in general has become less frequent, which makes it hard for me to do my kick counts. But her heart rate was in the 150s on Tuesday so I'm not too worried about her.
  12. Belly button?: This is just a sad state of affairs. I'm not sure how much longer it can hold itself in.
  13. What I miss?: Being able to bend over to buckle my shoes. 
  14. Labor signs?: She is head-down! I know she can still flip, but since she's been head-down since 17 weeks, I'm not too worried about a breach baby.
  15. What I'm looking forward to?: Our co-ed shower this weekend! Hosted by our sisters and Ben's mom. Should be such a fun time to hang out with some friends we haven't seen in awhile. Praying the rain stays away and the weather could warm up just a tad!
Don't worry, I put a shirt on over top of this.
If you look closely, you can see a red mark on my arm.
That's from the TDAP vaccine I got on Tuesday - ouch!
This kid is lucky I love her so much.

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