Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Missing Husband. Reward: 10 leftover hamburgers and a bag of Oreos

Ben has been at SXSW in Austin since Thursday. THURSDAY. That's 6 days ago. He's having the time of his life, visiting with our friend Hank and other folks from McKinney, learning a lot, eating & drinking even more and "getting inspired". But I want him back.

I'll trade you the 10 leftover hamburgers that are in my freezer from Saturday's Beer Olympics and a half-eaten bag of Oreos that are at my pod if you return him to me.

Seriously, it's getting out of hand. If you follow me on twitter (which you should: @aeckerson ), you know that, last night for dinner, I had a Cadbury Creme Egg and a glass of Simply Apple juice. That does not a meal make. I was built to be a wife, I love cooking, but only for other people. Mostly for my husband.

So send him home please.

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