Monday, March 21, 2011

Stuck in Cary: Volume 1

I have been desperately wanting to move to Raleigh. Not that I don't love our tiny little suburban haven, but it would be nice to be able to get dinner after 9pm ... just sayin'.

Of course, the market has not fully recovered, so Ben has informed me that we will not be moving to Raleigh this year (2011). In an attempt to appease me (read: avoid a temper tantrum), he's given me permission to make upgrades to the house that will allow me to fall back in love with it. Bless his heart, the first thing I asked for was a hot tub for our back deck. Fingers Crossed! ;)

In the mean time, we've been doing tiny adjustments to slowly remove any evidence of the tacky 90's elements the house was built with.

The evidence:
1a) original: tacky brass light fixtures
1b) new: brushed silver light fixtures, YAY!
2a) original: silver curtain rod with gold curtain scarf
2b) new: bronze / iron curtain rod
 (a larger view of our beautiful black out curtains)

 Baby steps, people. On next week's episode of "Stuck in Cary": Replacing the Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

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