Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stuck in Cary: Volume 2

As I noted previously, Ben's not letting me sell our house this year, so we are making tiny little updates along the way. Who knows, by the time I've done all these little bitty projects, maybe I'll change my mind about leaving! (Doubtful)

Next on my checklist is cabinet knobs / drawer pulls for my kitchen. I counted 17 cabinets and 8 drawer pulls, so it's not going to be a $20 project. Last night, I mentioned to Ben that Whitney was going to help me pick out some new fixtures, and he suggested that we should just replace the cabinets themselves. Little does he know this is likely a $5-10K job. I am considering repainting them, especially after seeing Emily Kissee's brand new WHITE cabinets, but afraid that may be too much since our kitchen is white above the chair rail (and red below, my favorite).

I've included a few pictures from the kitchen as it currently stands - they're not great because I took them on my phone last night, but it's a peak as to what kind of patterns I like.

Recently purchased decorative hand towels from Target
 Lucy's little corner (her bowls & mat are black & white)
Here, you get a glimpse of our black & white alternating "tiled" linoleum floors. Love the pattern, HATE the material. I'm seriously considering tiling. Also, you can see the red & white paint on the walls.
 Our pot rack, left by the previous owners, which is one of my favorite pieces in the house. The decorative red colander was courtesy of our old Martha Stewart Magazine rep, and my adorable girly apron (which is always on display) was a gift from Abby
 Red placements with fun decorative plates on the kitchen table, recently purchased from TJ Maxx. I LOVE this pattern.

So, just from posting those photos, it sounds like I'm ready to paint the cabinets, replace the knobs & drawer pulls, tile the floor and make new curtains (these aren't pictures, but they're red & white gingham and they're way too country for my liking). But first, the knobs. I think I want something more fun than just brushed nickel like I have in the bathrooms, but they need to be somewhat inexpensive due to the quantity.


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