Monday, January 9, 2012

Pregnancy Confessions: Volume Three

Which could also be called:

Don't make me go all pregnancy-hormones on your ass!

I have had my fair share of crazy hormonal breakdowns (aforementioned screaming at husband for unmatched socks, crying over movie previews, etc), but I think for the most part my crazy has been kept at bay. However, I just received a phone call that almost compromised all that.

Let me back up.

We have our Level Two Ultrasound scheduled for this Friday, January 13. Yes, in less than 4 days we will know the gender of this little lovebug. Not that I'm counting down or anything. So we decided to have a small gathering at the house that evening to tell our family and a few very close friends all at once. My mom is driving down from Virginia for it and my best friend is coming up from South Carolina, bless their hearts. I guess what I'm trying to say is, not only have we been counting down to this day for weeks, but other people are planning their schedules around it as well. Then this morning, I got a phone call from my doctor's office; I assume, it's to confirm my appointment. "We had a doctor quit unexpectedly and we'll need to reschedule your appointment for next week..."

Excuse me, WHAT DID YOU SAY?

This is the part where I almost went all pregnancy-hormones on her ass. But instead, I calmly (half-whining) explained that I had company coming from out of town to hear our big news Friday and could we pleeeeeease do it any other time this week and I would happily make myself available at ANY TIME if we could.

"Let me put you on hold"

Five agonizing minutes later, we will be keeping the appointment on Friday morning. Crisis averted.

For all you mamas, and mamas-in-progress ... am I alone in this? You'd freak out if they rescheduled your level two ultrasound, too ... right?

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  1. I'd freak out, but only because having my scan involves having to travel overseas, so it's a pretty complex and convoluted process.

    If I lived around the corner, or even in the same city, then I don't think I'd lose it, but then I'm not hanging out to find out and celebrate gender!
    I think given your circumstance you totally had a right to freak out!